In The Mist of a Buffer

one two three

i felt great

it gave me a feeling

no , it gave me two

the first attraction

her hair

her eyes

her smile

the second gave me affection

something warm

flowing through my veins

pumping in and out of my heart

not even my buffer like body

could resist the change

the sensation

the taste

I thought about it

and then i felt the friction

between our hands

locked eyes

the softest touch

the greatest feeling


by the perfect smile

- Juno Alfonz


What is your personal definition of happiness ? Lately i been in this personal mental quest to define what makes me happy. Clearly many feel family and money brings “happiness” i feel those things bring on personal comfort but not happiness. I feel happiness has something else to it unsure what it is. I feel like happiness is mysterious. Think about it im sure a billionaire is happy because hes rich but yet he lacks that simplistic beauty of happiness … by that i mean common struggles middle class families go through. Theirs beauty in being poor , there’s beauty in being alone but the biggest beauty of them all always comes back to how and why you are happy.